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Sophisticated Leading Edge Body Contouring And Sculpting

Welcome to Brazilian Butt Lifts Toronto a website by Dr. Peter Bray, dedicated to: Buttock Enlargement Surgery Toronto / Butt Augmentation Surgery In Toronto - Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Toronto - Butt Injections With Fat (fat grafting) - Buttock Implants Surgery Toronto - Thigh lift / Butt Lift Body Contouring Weight Loss Surgery - New BodyTITE Liposuction Body Contouring - Toronto Butt Enhancement Cosmetic Surgery For Men And Women

Also see Toronto Liposuction Surgery a website by Dr. Peter Bray, Body Contouring Liposuction Specialist, dedicated to: Liposuction In Toronto - Body Contouring / Body Sculpting Surgery - Cosmetic Surgery Body Contouring Procedures For Men And Women

Also SEE Male Breast Reduction Surgery Toronto Gynecomastia Surgery NEW Liposuction Contouring Chest Surgery For Men In Toronto Offers Flat Firm Masculine Chest Area Without Signs of Surgery

Toronto Brazilian Butt Lift Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Offers Revolutionary New Liposuction BodyTITE For Butt Enlargement Surgery / Buttock Augmentation Surgery / Butt Lift Surgery - Butt Fat Injections (Fat Transfer) - Body Contouring And Sculpting For Men And Women

Round – Smooth – Lifted – More Youthful Bottom – Shapely Slenderized Body Profile — Sensuous Waist-To-Hip-Curve — Totally Natural Look And Feel

Dr. Peter Bray, body sculpting and contouring specialist, one of first plastic surgeons and Toronto cosmetic surgery clinic, to offer a NEW technology to sculpt and shape the backside, augment, lift and tighten the buttocks and slenderize the waist-to-hip area; BodyTite, Radio-Frequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL) is revolutionizing body contouring cosmetic surgery offering up to 40% more tightening than traditional liposuction.

As we age or lose a lot of weight our skin loses its elasticity. For those with skin laxity and/or stretch marks along with fat deposits using BodyTite will firm your body and decrease the risk of post-liposuction skin laxity. Compared to traditional liposuction, BodyTITE offers a safer, gentler and less traumatic alternative with more uniform results and usually minimal postoperative discomfort and bruising.

Dr. Bray is not one to jump on new technologies and trends so he spent a great deal of time researching and testing this NEW radio frequency assisted liposuction before offering it in his practice; BODYTITE™ has proven over and over again to provide better results than traditional liposuction. The RFAL technology, not only provides superior outcomes for body, contouring, sculpting and fat removal procedures, it also works exceptionally well for neck and facial tightening and lifting.

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